How a Cartoon is Drawn.

I enjoy seeing the creative process of other artists, writers and musicians. I'm often asked

how an idea goes from an idea inside my head to what is seen in print. So, below I've included examples of a few cartoons I've drawn and how they began as notes or sketches on a napkin or scrap of paper and end up as a finished published productI hope you are inspired to create!

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From Sketch to Finish.

I draw with a regular black medium point pen or sharpie on typing paper and use a lightbox to redraw and make changes.Then, I scan my work into photoshop to clean up and add color.


NOTE: Dozens more drawings and changes go into finishing cartoons than you see here. 

Big Things. Tiny Spaces.

​The great thing about cartoons is that so little space and materials are needed to create something that can instnatly conjure up all sorts of emotions in people.  Once in a while you create something really great.

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