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Leo's Other Christmas

A True Story.  A New Christmas Classic.


A simple story that will touch the hearts of adults and children.

It is a beautiful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas, and a transforming gift from a parent to a child. You will want to make it

part of your family’s Christmas tradition. 


“Christmas Eve was the hardest night of the year to fall asleep. 

Leo couldn't stop thinking of all the gifts that would be waiting for him under the tree. He made a list of everything he wanted.

But, sometimes he felt disappointed and even angry on Christmas morning when he opened his presents and found he didn’t get everything he wished for.”​

But this year a mistake was made that changed Christmas

for Leo...forever.

A Timeless Story
of Empathy, Kindness
& Transformation
For Young & Old



"Graham Sale may have once been the editorial cartoonist for The Commercial Appeal, but he sure has

a way with words in his holiday children's book, Leo's Other Christmas. The story is based on a true story from Sale's own past and centers around a  boy who loves dreaming about and making lists of the toys he hopes to receive on Christmas. Leo is a well-behaved and good child—who just doesn't know any better, but once he opens his eyes to the troubles of others, he realizes that Christmas is even more special once we open our hearts to those less fortunate. When it comes time to help a family in need, we see Leo's journey, which starts out begrudgingly, leads to compassion and transformation.


Leo's Other Christmas is an adorable fresh spin on an old lesson—but it's a lesson worth retelling.          

Sale's enchanting illustrations are half the fun!  This is a story that just might inspire adults to also ask themselves, "What else can I do?" Alexandra Pusateri, Memphis Flyer 

"Christmas Eve has a new story to add to the gospel of Luke 2:1-20 and The Night Before Christmas. 

This tale will warm the hearts of all children and the adults who love them.  Leo's Other Christmas is

a beautiful story about the spirit of the season experienced through the actions of a child whose mother shows him how giving equals receiving." —Mary Holden, editor and mother, Phoenix, AZ

"Leo's Other Christmas is a marvelous portrait of self-sacrificial love—precisely the theme which underlies the great story of Christmas!  Even better, Leo's story is a lesson in learning the value of this practice in our own lives. And is the exquisite beauty of the illustrations which truly draws the reader in and moves the mind to linger on each page. An absolute gem!" —Rev. Steven Smith, Los Angeles, CA 

Author. Illustrator.


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